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All human life consists of tasks, be they business tasks or just tasks of our private life. Some of the tasks are personal, however quite a lot of them require collaboration with other people: Colleagues, relatives, friends, etc. Managing your life is managing the tasks that constitute it. The better you do it, the more successful you are.
Manage your life with ezManageOnline ! It is a perfect tool to easily plan, organize, track, manage and share tasks of any nature: Events, meetings, appointments, business tasks, personal activities, etc.
 With ezManageOnline you use Web and e-mail
- to assign certain tasks to your colleagues;
- to regularly receive progress reports about the assigned tasks;
- to share your hobbies and your plans with your family and friends;
- to involve people into the activities of your interest.
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ezManageOnline costs nothing to use, ezManageOnline is free.
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Anywhere Personal Reminder about One Time Event
I am Daniel Rorimer, head of “Rorimer and Sons”. I have a lot of very different things to do each day. No wonder that it’s very easy to miss something. With the help of ezManageOnline system it’s possible to create reminders about one time event, and unlike any usual reminder installed on you desktop computer, you receive reminders wherever in the world you are. Most of all, PDA version of ezManageOnline system gives me an e-mail connection in my cell phone. For example I have a meeting with a client in a week and I must prepare some documentation for the client. Besides, I am traveling all this week to talk to many people in different cities. I do understand how likely it is to miss some details about preparing to this forthcoming meeting with the client. I open ezManageOnline system and set the task particulars in it: Which documentation I must prepare, time of the meeting and timing of the reminders. After that e-mail reminders from ezManageOnline find me in time wherever I am. The result: I am fully prepared to the forthcoming meeting, and I do not miss a bit!

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ezManageOnline is your universal reminder both for the things you need from your colleagues and for your personal activities.
Why using expensive “heavyweight” project management software tools if you just need to control deadlines/results and to receive progress and status reports from your staff on time? Use ezManageOnline ! It is perfect as the tool to easily assign tasks and to get status reports in time.
ezManageOnline is such a handy tool, and utilizing it is so easy, that you might use it is not only to control your staff, but also to remind your family members and you yourself about household chores and events.
Managing tasks and keeping eye on their progress is so easy! Use ezManageOnline to become convinced!
ezManageOnline stores your routine tasks and important dates for you.
ezManageOnline makes it really easy to write reports for the tasks assigned to you.
In the world of complexware, ezManageOnline appears as simpleware, designed to do one job – manage status report – and to do it well.
Using ezManageOnline , you not only ever busy your memory to remember about the tasks and their deadlines. Moreover, you never busy yourself even to look into your calendar about the tasks and their deadlines! You will be for sure reminded by e-mail.
ezManageOnline makes it really easy for a manager to control business tasks and the people involved.
User-friendly web interface suits users with any level of IT-experience.
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