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Press Release

June 29, 2007 – Inreco LAN announces the new release of ezManageOnline 2.1!

In ezManageOnline 2.1 all tasks are integrated in the general Task List presenting both - the tasks assigned by you, and assigned to you. This makes task management simpler and more intuitively clear.

In ezManageOnline 2.1 the system of e-mail reminders was improved. E-mail templates were changed. Also if someone assigned the task to a new person who did not confirm registration, ezManageOnline 2.1 will send task reminder with an opportunity to confirm registration or to refuse it. If the new person refuses registration the manager receives a refusal e-mail.

User management system was redesigned. Visual icons for user statuses have appeared. It is possible to see, who has confirmed registration and who is not. The feature to resend registration confirmation e-mail was added. It is very useful if a new user did not get registration confirmation e-mail.

Some slight and useful changes were added to the calendar interface. The color of the task that was assigned to you and the color of the task that assigned by you differs in calendar view. This helps to visually divide tasks to do and task to control. Daily calendar is presented so that you will see the tasks that you should do right now and you do need not scroll calendar to current time. And the main feature - ezManageOnline 2.1 is absolutely free: http: // ezmanageonline.com.

Information about ezManageOnline system:
ezManageOnline is a simple and easy web- and email-based task management solution for individuals, small and mid-size businesses.

All human life consists of tasks, be they business tasks or just tasks of our private life. Some of the tasks are personal, however quite a lot of them require collaboration with other people: colleagues, relatives, friends, etc. Managing your life is managing the tasks that constitute it. The better you do it, the more successful you are. ezManageOnline is a perfect tool to easily plan, organize, track, manage and share tasks of any nature: Events, meetings, appointments, business tasks, personal activities, etc.

With ezManageOnline you use Web and e-mail:
o to assign certain tasks to your colleagues; o to regularly receive progress reports about the assigned tasks; o to share your hobbies and your plans with your family and friends; o to involve people into the activities of your interest; o etc.
Please find more about the main features of ezManageOnline here: http://ezmanageonline.com/featurespage.aspx.

ezManageOnline is a global web-based service available 24x7x365 at http://ezmanageonline.com from anywhere in the world. PDA version of the service is available at http://ezmanageonline.com/pda. ezManageOnline is absolutely free. No limitations, no charges. By special request, ezManageOnline can be deployed as a corporate (intranet) solution. For more information please contact ezManageOnline team at support@ezmanageonline.com.

About Inreco LAN:
Established in 1989, Inreco LAN is a well-known software development outsourcing company that targets the international software engineering market. Inreco LAN employs over 30 highly skilled and experienced IT and business professionals with advanced graduate and post-graduate degrees in Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, International Business, Programming and Graphics Design. Inreco LAN offers wide range of software development services from solving R&D tasks to plain coding. For long-term clients Inreco LAN works as a Software Development Center (SDC).

For more information please refer to Inreco LAN web site at http://inrecolan.com/, email admin@ezmanageonline.com.
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