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Anywhere Personal Reminder about One Time Event
I am Daniel Rorimer, head of “Rorimer and Sons”. I have a lot of very different things to do each day. No wonder that it’s very easy to miss something. With the help of ezManageOnline system it’s possible to create reminders about one time event, and unlike any usual reminder installed on you desktop computer, you receive reminders wherever in the world you are. Most of all, PDA version of ezManageOnline system gives me an e-mail connection in my cell phone. For example I have a meeting with a client in a week and I must prepare some documentation for the client. Besides, I am traveling all this week to talk to many people in different cities. I do understand how likely it is to miss some details about preparing to this forthcoming meeting with the client. I open ezManageOnline system and set the task particulars in it: Which documentation I must prepare, time of the meeting and timing of the reminders. After that e-mail reminders from ezManageOnline find me in time wherever I am. The result: I am fully prepared to the forthcoming meeting, and I do not miss a bit!

Regular Reminder to Myself
I’m Thomas Sessoms. I work for a really big company where I am so overloaded with work, that sometimes I even forget what must be done for my home. ezManageOnline helps me to overcome this. For example , it is my responsibility at home to bring Chasie, our golden retriever puppy to a veterinary clinic when needed. These visits turned out to be quite regular, so I use ezManageOnline system to remind me about next visit. I set the task details (visit to a veterinary clinic), periodicity (weekly), and the time I would like to be reminded. That’s all. Each week, on Friday at 4:00PM, still being at work, I receive an e-mail reminder, that on Saturday I have an appointment at the vet.

Reminder to Another Person about One Time Event
My name is John Evans. I’m self employed, that’s why it’s very important for me to have a good reputation among my clients. Sometimes my partner and I have meetings with clients. As these meetings are very important for me, I want my partner not to fail to attend them. I use ezManageOnline system for reminding him about the meetings. I set the task details, time of the meeting, time of the reminders and assign this task to him. ezManageOnline sends reminders to his e-mail address, and I’m sure he will not forget about the meeting.

Regular Reminder to Another Person
I am Stan Bender, and I‘m a Russian teacher. Now I teach a president of a big worldwide company. As my student is very busy, though very disciplined person at that, I use ezManageOnline system to remind him about the lessons. I set the task details (reminder of the lesson, and of the necessity to make the homework), time of the lesson, and the time of the reminders. ezmanageOnline reminds my student by e-mail , and he never forgets about the lessons.

Reminder to a Group of Direct Subordinate Employees for One Time Event
I’m Rafael Shnider. I work for a wholesale company. I’m a head of CRM department where I have 9 subordinate employees. They all deal with different clients. When I want to gather all of them for a meeting I use ezManageOnline system. There is a system tray icon (emTray) on my desktop, so I always have ezManageOnline on hand. Using it, I can set the task details (reminder of the meeting), time of the meeting, group of people who are to be at the meeting and the time of the reminder shortly. The system sends reminding letters to e-mail addresses of this group of people in order them not to forget to be at the meeting. EmTray is irreplaceable, when you’re pressed for time.

Regular reminder to a group of direct subordinate employees
John Smith. I’m the head of sales and marketing in a furniture department store. I have several direct subordinates, each of them responsible for one type of furniture. Every week they must provide me with their sales reports. This task is easy to control with the help of ezManageOnline system. In the system I set the task details, i.e. description of the task, group of people, who are in charge of creating the sales reports, deadline of the report. ezManageOnline automatically sends e-mail reminders to all my addressees so that they will never forget to provide me with reports in time.

Calendar Reminder
My name is John Blake. I’m a manager of sales department of big company, that’s way every my day consists a lot of meetings and negotiations with clients. Moreover, not always such meets planned in advance. In the beginning of the day I can receive offer for meeting. It’s very important for me not pass this event because my professional reputation depends on it. Using ezManageOnline Calendar, it’s possible to operate your own time easily and effectively. I can view my day schedule at any time when it’s needed and plan time clear. Calendar gives an opportunity to look through schedule for a day, for a week or even for a month, so it doesn’t make a problem for me to check up free time forward and planning a contest.
EzManageOnline Calendar – free, easy in use and effective means for time management!

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