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Users of ezManageOnline task management system are organized in companies* – to separate their contexts of activities. However, each user can belong to several companies, as it is in real life. Each company has its main contact person who registers it and manages its users. You can be a regular user in one company and at the same time the main contact person in another.

To begin using ezManageOnline in a company, some responsible person from the company is to register it the following way.

Registering Companies

Company* registration does not take much time, all you need is to fill all the empty fields (all are required), to read the provided license and copyright agreement carefully, and if you agree to it, check the appropriate box and then click "Register".

After that, the main contact person receives an e-mail from ezManageOnline notifying about the company registration and asking to confirm the registration. If the registration is not confirmed in two days, the registration is automatically canceled.

"Company" within ezManageOnline task management system means a group of people using the service to manage their collaborative work and activities. "Company" might be real company; or a department of some company; or maybe your family and friends; or even nobody but you might be considered a "company" if you use ezManageOnline just for reminding yourself about current tasks (i.e. utilizing the service just as an on-line scheduler).

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