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Every user of ezManageOnline task management system, registered within a company*, may act both as a person in charge (who gets tasks assigned to him, does them and writes status reports) and as a manager (who creates tasks, assigns them to others and reads status reports, i.e. performs task tracking).

Let's see how tasks are created.

Creating Tasks

You create new tasks using "Create Task Wizard" that splits defining of all the task's properties into three logical steps, "Task Information", "Report Schedule" and "People in Charge" or "Create Task Wizard" where all description for the task creation is presented on one page.

Assigning People

There are three ways to assign people in charge for the task:

  1. For yourself – if you want to use ezManageOnline system as personal reminder;

  2. For another people:

  • "Assign by e-mail" (if you want to assign the task to a new user, just enter his/her e-mail, and after he/she confirms such assignment, he/she becomes the known user with the task assigned to him/her, thus, entering new user into the system is done automatically).
  • "Assign existing user(s)" (pick from the list, multiple selections allowed).
  • "Assign existing user group(s)" (if applicable)
  • "Report Options" (copies of the reports submitted by people in charge will be sent to e-mail(s) specified in this field)
  • After the task is created, the relative people in charge receive e-mails from ezManageOnline notifying them about the task assigned to them. New users receive such notifications only after confirming their registration.

    "Company" within ezManageOnline task management system means a group of people using the service to manage their collaborative work and activities. "Company" might be real company; or a department of some company; or maybe your family and friends; or even nobody but you might be considered a "company" if you use ezManageOnline just for reminding yourself about current tasks (i.e. utilizing the service just as an on-line scheduler).

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