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All the tasks created in ezManageOnline task management system imply that the work on them is performed outside the system. However, most of them require reports to be written on their progress; and these reports can be written in ezManageOnline. Usually you do this after you receive an e-mail reminder about a report from ezManageOnline.

Submitting Reports

At this point, you simply go to the appropriate page by clicking "Create Report" link in the e-mail, see the task's title there, its description, report type (next, missed or aditional), fill the progress report's field(s) and then click "Submit". The submitted report is added to the appropriate list in the task's profile.

ezManageOnline sends a copy of the report to the manager of the task by e-mail – this makes task tracking much more effective.

Viewing Reports

If you want to view a particular progress report (whether you are a manager or a person in charge), you just click its date-time link in the Task Profile.

If a person in charge misses a report's checkpoint, ezManageOnline notifies him and the manager of the task by e-mail.

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