ezManageOnline - Web-based task management


Each task in ezManageOnline task management system is created by a step-by-step wizard or by a professional mode (all task's description are presented on one page), and later is presented by the task's profile. The task can be viewed from Task List (Assigned by me or Assigned to me pages) depending on whether you are a person in charge or the task's manager. In the latter case you can also modify (update) the task's profile.

Editing Tasks

The task's profile is divided into several parts:

Task Information – here you can modify Title and Description;

Report Schedule – Here you can modify the schedule (once, daily, weekly or monthly) and the status report reminder's interval;

Assigned task to ... – Here you can modify list of persons in charge and list of people that receive copies of the reports.

Editing Schedules

After the task is modified, ezManageOnline notifies the people in charge accordingly.

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